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Personal Trainer Terms

5 Minute Series: 5 minute series are strength exercises, concentrating on a particular set of muscles, for a duration of 5 minutes.

Aerobic Instruction: Aerobic Instruction is provided by an aerobics instructor who is trained in basic anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology. They are also knowledgible in the prevention and care of injuries, and proper nutrition.

Aerobics Trainer:
 Aerobics Trainers provide a workout which improves overall physical fitness.

Aqua Yogilates Trainer: Aqua Yogilates Trainers demonstrate and instruct a combination of pilates and yoga excercises performed in a pool.

Balance Ball Instructor:
 Refer to "Stability Ball Trainer".

Body Sculpting - Upper Body/Lower Body: Body Sculpting - Upper Body/Lower Body is a type of aerobic/strength training workout, which uses light free weights and excercise bands to sculpt major muscles of the body. 

Cardio Kickboxing: Cardio Kickboxing is also referred to as aerobic or cardiovascular kickboxing. It combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics. Many Cardio Kickboxing instructors use equipment such as jump ropes and punching bags.

Circuit Training: Circuit training is usually a group gym exercise in which strength exercises are combined with endurance exercises. A number of selected stations are positioned around the gym consecutively. A variety of excercises, including weight and resistance training, are included in the circuit.

 A coach is someone who supports, explains, demonstrates, instructs and directs others via encouragement and asking questions. Coaching may include life style advice such as nutrition, exercise, behavior and more. Coaching is a type of Personal Training.

Core Stability Trainer:
 Core stability trainers demonstrate and explain excercises that specifically target the smaller and deeper lumbar spine and trunk muscles.

Corrective Training:
 Corrective Training works to correct any aches, pains, postural-distortion patterns, joint dysfunctions, and muscular imbalances.

Dance Instruction:  Dance Instruction provides training in dance technique which develops flexibility, coordination, strength, physical awareness, and body control.

Dance Instructor:Dance Instructors demontrate and teach dancing of all types to individuals and groups, in both beginners' and advanced dance lessons.

Excercise Instructor: Refer to Fitness Trainer & Instructor.

Excercise Ball Instructor: Excercise Ball Instructors demonstrate and explain excercise routines using specific types of balls. 

Executive Coaching: Executive coaching is a one-on-one session between a coach and an executive. The aim is to enhance the on-the-job performance of the executive.

Fitness Ball Instructor: Refer to "Stability Ball Trainer".

Fitness Dance: Fitness Dance incorporates dance into an excercise workout. The fitness dance instructor demonstrates and instructs an excercise routine to the beat of club or trance music.

Fitness Program Instruction:  Program Instruction are exercise programs that are designed for this particular age group. The main emphasis is on excercise along with developing confidence, security, creativity, teamwork and problem-solving.

Fitness Trainer & Instructor: Fitness Trainers & Instructors are usually trained in various types of exercise; they are knowlegible in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. Personal trainers & instructors usually work one-on-one with their clients, designing a workout and diet plan to help the client acheive their health and fitness goals.

Group Exercise Instructor: Group Exercise Instructors conduct exercise sessions that involve aerobic exercise, stretching, and muscle conditioning. 

Gym Trainer: Refer to Fitness Trainer & Instructor. 

Lifeguard Instructor: A Lifeguard Instructor teaches lifeguard training, first aid, lifeguard management and CPR for the professional rescuer.

Meditation: Meditation is form of exercise, which aims to relax the body both mentally and physically in a natural way.

Personal Trainer:
 Refer to Fitness Trainer & Instructor.

Physio Ball Instructor: Refer to "Stability Ball Trainer". 

Pilates Instruction: Pliates instruction is provided by a Pilates instructor, who instructs and demonstrates a body conditioning routine that builds flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination without adding muscle bulk. 

Resistance Bands: Resistance Bands are commonly used for building strength by increasing the effort needed to exercise a given set of muscles. 

Spinning (Indoor Cycling) Instruction/Training: Indoor cycling is a form of exercise involving the use of a stationary exercise bicycle in a group setting. Participants set goals based on their heart rate, which can be measured by hand or using a heart rate monitor.

A typical class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling. The instructor uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate the students to work harder.

Sports Conditioning Specialist:
 Sports Conditioning Specialists teach how nutritional intake can maximize exercise training and boost athletic performance. They explain how the body uses food for fuel and the different roles that key nutrients play in making people strong and healthy.

Sports Trainer: Sports Trainers assist athletes in the prevention of injury and provide initial management of a sports injury. Sports trainers work in a variety of sports and in various sporting environments. Often, the first person to evaluate the nature of an injury isn't the doctor, but a sports trainer. Trainers provide on-the-scene evaluation and assistance. Good trainers try to keep injuries from happening. To do so, they make sure their clients are in top physical condition through strengthening and conditioning exercises and proper nutrition.

Stability Ball Trainer: A Stability Ball Trainer demonstrates and teaches instructors and personal trainers safe, challenging ball exercises. 

Step Classes: Step Classes are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, burn fat,and increase flexibility.

Strength Training: Strength training is part of a balanced exercise routine which includes aerobic activity and flexibility exercises. Strength Training increases muscle mass by making the muscles work harder than they're used to.

Stretch Exercises: Stretch Exercises are specifically performed for loosening the joints, thereby improving flexibility.

Swimming Instructor: Swimming Instructors demonstrate and Instruct swim classes at all levels. They maintain and complete all instructional records, as well as maintaining discipline and orderly conduct during pool time.

Swiss Ball Instructor: Refer to "Stability Ball Trainer".

Treadmill: Treadmill instruction is provided by a person who explains and demonstrates how to make the treadmill workout more fun and effective.

Warmups: Warmups are consist of simple, rhythmic and limbering movements to prepare participants for excercise classes.

Water Safety Instructor: Water safety instructors train individuals to become instructors in all water safety courses.

Yoga Instruction: Yoga Instruction emphasizes safe, effective, and inspiring teaching methods that are used to teach individuals and groups the various yoga techniques and how to incorporate them into everyday life. 

Yoga Training: Yoga Training is beneficial for a wide variety of target groups - men, women, children, elderly, etc. Sessions may be held for individuals or groups. Yoga Training teaches the ancient Indian system for using breathing exercises and meditation for conditioning the body and soul using breathing exercises and meditation.