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Approved Certifications

The following associations, educational institutions or certifying bodies below have met educational requirements to be insured under our program. It is does not necessarily mean they approve or recommend our program.

Our program has eligibility requirements as follows:

Instructor eligibility:

Over 18 years of age
Canadian Resident
Must be Certified with any of the following: 

Acceleration Performance Coach

Body Harmonics
Canadian Aquatic Leadership Alliance - CALA
Canadian Fitness Education Services- CFES
Canadian Personal Trainers Network - CPTN
Canadian Yogo Alliance - CYA
Canadian Yoga Network - CYN
CHP - Coaches of Canada
Downward Dog Yoga Centre 
Helene Roy Pilates
International CREPS
International Society of Yoga Education - ISYE,
International Sports Sciences Association - ISSA
Maureen Rae's 8-Week Internship Program
Maureen Rae's RYT, National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association - NESTA
National Personal Training Insitute - NPTI
National Strength and Conditioning Assocation - NSCA
NCCP - Coaches of Canada
Ontario Fitness Council - OFC
Pilates Method Alliance - PMA
The Pilates Process
Sattva Yoga Shala and United Yoga Montreal
Second Wind Pilates Plus
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association - SPRA
Squash Canada, STOTT PILATE
Tennis Canada
Yoga Alliance 
Yoga Association of Alberta - YAA
Yoga - BC


Must be a Provincially Registered Trainer of the following: 

  • NFLA (National Fitness Leadership Alliance) member provinces certified by the BCRPA, AFLCA, SRPA, MFC, MFLDA, OFC, FNB, NFLAC, NSFA, IFC. 

If your association is not listed please contact us to have them approved and listed. We will require full details of training, accreditation and course syllabus details. In addition we have other programs available.

See also Therapist at

If any applicant has overseas qualifications these will be considered but must be approved on an individual basis.