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Disciplines Covered:

You must hold a qualification from recognized training institution for each discipline we insure. We do not accept correspondence courses or one day training courses. Your association, society, college or school must be approved in order to apply for this insurance. See Approved Certifications

In the event of a claim or circumstance that may lead to a claim being notified to Insurers, you will be required to provide Insurers with copies of all qualifications that the insurance is covering. If certifications are not held for the disciplines included under this insurance then Insurers may void coverage.


Rather having serveral insurance policies to insure all your disciplines or having to belong to multiple associations, Personal Trainers can insure all their disciplines on one policy for one low price including other related Therapies.

The following is of Activies / Disciplines we can cover.

5 Minute Series
Advanced Personal Consultant
Aerobic Instruction
Aerobic Trainer
Aqua Yogilates Trainer
Athletic Conditioning
Balance Ball Instructor
Body Sculpt Upper Body/ Lower Body
Body Work Counselor
Boxercise Instructor
Cardio Kickboxing
Certified Functional Trainer Specialist
Dance Instruction
Fitness Program Instruction
Circuit Training
Core Stability Trainer
Corrective Training
Crossfit Training
Dance Instructor
Dressage trainer
Executive Coaching
Exercise Ball Instructor
Exercise and Aerobics
Exercise Instruction
Exercise Therapy/Rehabilitation
Exercise to Music
First Aid Trainer incl. St. John Ambulance & Red Cross
Fit Ball Instructor
Fitness Assessment
Fitness Ball Instructor
Fitness Dance
Fitness Trainer & Instructor
Group Exercise Instructor

Gyrotonic Instructor
Gym Trainer
Keep Fit Instruction
Kettlebell Training

Lifeguard Instructor

Volleyball Coach
Outdoor Group Camping and Guiding
Parkour Trainer/Instructor
Personal Training
Physio Ball Instructor
Pilates Instruction
Pole Dancing and Fitness
Remedial Exercise
Remedial Massage
Resistance Bands
Spinning (Indoor Cycling) Instruction/Training
Sport Conditioning Specialist
Sports Nutrition Consultant
Sports Trainer
Sports Yoga Trainer
Stability Ball Trainer
Stalking & Tracking
Step Classes
Street Luge Instructor
Strength Training
Stretch Exercises
Swimming Instructor/Coach
Swiss Ball Instructor
Tai Chi Instruction
Tantra Instruction
Tennis Instruction
Transference Healing
Warm Ups
Water Safety Instructor
Yoga Instruction incl. aerial
Zen Therapy Instruction
Zumba Instruction

It is not possible to list all disciplines we cover. If your discipline is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Note: Additional charges may apply for working with children under 16, students, weight training and teaching.

Studio, Gym, Clinic Medical Malpractice Insurance:

If an individual Practitioner owns a studio, gym clinic or office they need to purchase Clinic Owners Medical Malpractice Errors & Omissions Insurance insures. This covers the owner(s) of the clinic as well as non-professional employees of the clinic. It applies to clinics where there are multiple practitioners (of any kind) working together. Depending upon the volume fo business and modalities annual premiums start at about $700 and up for $2,000,000 limit.

Note: Clinic Owners Medical Malpractice Errors & Omissions Insurance does not replace the requirement for each therapist / practitioner to carry their own individual malpractice insurance.